We are, by design, entrepreneurial quick thinkers and flexible problem solvers.  We recognize that each client has a specific set of needs
and challenges in communicating their product or service
and developing their business.

After years of working with regional, national and global clients we came up with the philosophy that; quality, clearly composed marketing starts with a good and calm foundation of research, understanding and marketing science. So, being the creative communicators that we are — we pondered these two words (calm and good) and came up with one unique word derived from the root language of Italian. buonquillo is a combination of two Italian words: Buono meaning good and Tranquillo meaning calm.

This unique word has help communicate our talent of creating well thought out marketing strategies and our unique process has helped many clients get to their desired marketing goal in a timely and on budget manner, with results that are thoroughly successful.     Portfolio


Philip Germano is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of buonquillo, LLC., a hands-on Branding/Business development firm that collaborates with small to
mid-size businesses to assess market opportunities, set a clear strategic direction, and bridge strategy with execution. Philip has more than 15 years of experience in planning, managing, and carrying out the full range of market research, strategy, business development, and communication functions required to go to market, expand market presence, and enter new markets with a high rate of success.  Working with a range of clients from Morgan Stanley, CITI, Charles Schwab to Ducati motorcycles, Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not, Punch and Macanudo Cigars to smaller regional and start-up businesses.

In addition to this 15+ year career in Marketing Communications, Philip had a successful career as an Actor, Model and Photographer. Working on TV commercials, Regional Theater,  and Print ads for both commercial and many fashion editorials. This experience set a unique foundation of communication for Philip. Perfecting the formula to project the Authors words and the Director’s vision — Philip successfully transferred this formula to marketing and business development services and products.

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